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If gaming is really in your blood, then you wanna get the high-end peripherals on the market for your Set Up. But does your wallet let you do that? I’m here to help you pick the best Gaming mouse under 50$/5000 Rs. We do not own any of the Gaming mice except the #6, so all these picks are based on several reviews across Youtube and other trusted websites.
If you are new to the term ‘Gaming Mouse’ which is a lot more than RGB and DPI than you think, here are some things you wanna know before you pick a mouse beside specs.

Your Grip Style.

Know your grip style before you choose a mouse because its hard to change your habits. Know whether you are a Claw Grip, Palm Grip or  Tip Grip (let me know your style in the comment section ). I found a good Article on the internet which can help you a lot.

What Games Do You Play?

If you play Counter-Strike and other first-person shooters all you need is a good precision mouse with three buttons, Right click, Left click and Scroll to switch weapon (*Pro use num keys). But if you are a Dota 2/MMO/MOBA fan then you’ll need a mouse with a lot of buttons. Long answer short, there isn’t  a ‘PERFECT MOUSE’ So pick based on your preferences.
Here is a video on How to choose a Gaming Mouse (2017 Guide).

We Narrowed Down to give the Top Selection within different categories, that’s gonna be

→10 Top Ambidextrous Mouse.

→9 Top Budget FPS Mouse.

→8 Top FPS mouse.

→7 Top Budget MMO/MOBA Mouse.

→6 Top MMO/MOBA Mouse.

→5 Top Best Looking Mouse.

→4 Top All Rounder.

→3 Top Budget Options.

→2 Budget Most Popular Mouse.

→1 Most Popular Mouse.

10. Top Ambidextrous Mouse


| FEATURES: Ambidextrous design, perfectly suited for palm or claw grip, Up to  7,000 DPI, Omron switches |
MIONIX AVIOR is an amazing mouse in terms ergonomics. The mouse uses an ADNS-3310 gaming-grade optical sensor, a sensor with up to 7,000 DPI sensitivity and zero hardware acceleration. It’s ideal for precise control and Mionix lets you take things further with all sorts of customizable settings. The Avior 7000 has a 32-bit ARM processor and 128Kb of built-in memory, which executes and store all of the customs presets macros and settings which you can tweak on the mouse.
Using the free customization software from Mionix, you can adjust all sorts of things on the mouse, from the color of the glowing LEDs to the sensitivity of the sensor (between 50dpi and 7,000dpi in 50dpi increments), and even angle tuning to account for how you hold the mouse. You can also change the polling rate, selecting between 1,000Hz, 500Hz, 250Hz, or 125Hz (which translates into a response of 1, 2, 4 or 8 milliseconds, respectively).

9 Top Budget FPS Mouse.

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

| FEATURES: Up to 4000 DPI, Fusion Engine hybrid sensor,8 programmable buttons, On-the-fly DPI Switching |
Logitech claims that the G402 is ‘fastest FPS mouse’  and to be fair Logitech have got a point. The Fusion Engine hybrid sensor Logitech has placed at the heart of the G402. The Hyperion Fury can track movements up to around 500 inches-per-second (IPS) while the quickest you’ll generally find in high-spec mice like the G502 is something in the region of 300 IPS.
Luke (@linustechtips) has done a review of this mouse, you can check that out down below ⇓

8 Top FPS mouse.

Corsair Gaming M65 PRO RGB

| FEATURES: Up to 12,000 DPI, 8 programmable buttons, Custom RGB lighting, Omron switches, weight tuning system |
Corsair not only makes dope cases but also gaming mouse and the M65 is the fruit of their perfect engineering. Corsair thinks they can make it even better! Here comes the M65 Pro RGB. Corsair tweaked the RGB  version and now the biggest change, the removal of the old laser sensor, and in goes the new high-end PMW336x 12K DPI optical sensor.
Optical is certainly the way to go for competitive gaming, it has long proven to be more accurate, more often than not, smoother, and suffer fewer problems with acceleration, so here’s hoping the new sensor from Corsair will be up to the job. .The mouse features 16.8 million customizable RGB backlighting. The M65 Pro is ideal for FPS games with boasting excellent precision and geared towards fast-paced shooters.The build quality is top notch too with Corsair toting an Aircraft grade aluminum unibody design The aircraft-grade aluminum frame gives it low weight, and at the same time, extremely high durability. Use the advanced weight tuning system to set the center of gravity to match your play style. All these features don’t come for a cheap price, the mouse sells for around 4.5k Rs in India which is pretty high for many consumers.

7 Top Budget MMO/MOBA Mouse.

Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime 

| FEATURES: Up-to 4000 DPI, 6 programmable buttons, Metal spring left/right button tensioning system, On-the-fly DPI Switching |
The Daedalus Prime gives you the best bang for the buck for the price. G302 Daedalus Prime was designed for the fast-paced action of MOBA gaming with input straight from professional gamers, featuring exclusive Delta Zero sensor technology for accurate high-speed tracking and a metal spring button tensioning system in the left and right buttons.The mouse allows 6 programmable buttons which lets you instantly access important commands and macros.
The G302 measures 1.51 by 2.60 by 4.57 inches (HWD) and weighs only 113 grams. That’s smaller than the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury and 28 grams lighter. Inside, a 32-bit ARM processor manages all of your presets and customizations. On the underside of the mouse is an optical sensor, which can be set anywhere between 240dpi and 4,000dpi.

6 Top MMO/MOBA/RTS Mouse

UtechSmart Venus

| FEATURES: Up to 16400DPI, 18 programmable buttons, 16.8m Custom RGB lighting, Omron switches, weight tuning system |
You probably wouldn’t be heard of the brand but I personally own this mouse and it is one of the most underrated mice in the market. The mouse has 18 programmable buttons and High Precision Laser Sensor up to 16400 DPI, 9 MMO-optimized buttons, as well as 5 Savable Memory Profiles & 8-Piece Weight Tuning Set. If you enjoy macro recordings you’ll love this mouse. Under the hood, is the AVAGO a9800 laser sensor.The software is very easy to use but not that great.
The build quality of the mouse is up to the mark. I really recommend the mouse if you play a lot of MMO/MOBA games and the 18 programmable button will give you the upper hand in intense PvP.

5 Top Best Looking Mouse.

G.Skill Ripjaws MX780

| FEATURES: Up to 8200 DPI, 8 Programmable buttons, Adjustable ergonomics, Omron switches, Aesthetically pleasing, weight tuning system |
The RIPJAWS MX780 laser gaming mouse is designed and built with durability and practicality in mind for the ultimate gaming experience in glorious RGB lighting. Equipped with the latest gaming-grade Avago laser sensor, capable of up to 8,200dpi and 1,000Hz polling rate.
The CYBORG body design is the main selling point here. The MX780 comes with some unique features like the two side grip bars which are magnetically attached to the mainframe. The grips can be interchanged for either an ambidextrous grip or if your left or right handed the side grips can be adjusted accordingly. There are 8 programmable buttons on the MX780 which are Omron switches The build quality is also top notch. All these sums up an aesthetically pleasing well-rounded gaming mouse.

4. Top All Rounder Mouse

Gamdias ZEUS P1

| FEATURES: Up to 12,000 DPI, 8 programmable buttons, Double RGB Streaming Light, Lightweight, Huano switches |
The main selling point of this mouse is the price, for just Rs 2899 you are getting a lot of value. The mouse is very lightweight only 125g and is the flashiest one in the list (reminds me of the Razer.Mamba) You can download the Hera software where you can customize the RGB lighting and assign macros.The textured rubber grip on the side is a great addition to the mouse
The Zeus P1 comes with the Pixart PMW 3336 optical sensor and Huano switches (rated for 20 million clicks) which are good for FPS games. All these features make the Zeus P1 ‘The All Rounder Mouse’

3. Top Budget Options

Logitech G102 Prodigy

| FEATURES: Up-to 6000 DPI,16.8m LED color customizing, 6 Programmable buttons, Onboard Memory, On-the-Fly DPI Shifting |
G102 is inspired by the classic lines and simple construction of the legendary Logitech G100S Gaming Mouse.The G102 is an entry-level gaming mouse which features 6 programmable buttons, RGB lighting, and decent build quality. TThe G102 is also pretty lightweight at just 85 grams. (Mouse only, not with the cable) This is great for fast-paced games, particularly shooters like CS: GO where you’re likely to be flicking your mouse around a lot.
The main right/left buttons are Omron D2FC-F-7N, rated for 10 million clicks. On the right side of the mouse are two programmable macros, which found out to be Kaihl switches to presumably save on production cost.The G102 is definitely a great improvement over the original G100s. Most noticeable is the Mercury optical sensor, which puts tracking accuracy well above its predecessor and just about every other entry-level mouse. The only downside is the non-braided cable but for the price, it’s an excellent choice.

*Honorable Mention

SteelSeries Rival 100

2. Budget Most Popular Mouse.

SteelSeries Rival 300

| FEATURES: Up to 6500 DPI,16.8m LED color customizing, 6 Programmable Buttons, SteelSeries Switches, Onboard Memory |
SteelSeries makes one of the best gaming mice with their custom-made switches and High-end sensors and the Rival 300 is no exception.The SteelSeries Rival 300 is an optical gaming mouse that comes in three colors: black, grey and white.It is designed for right-handed gamers with a palm or claw grip and even features an ergonomic design to it which allows for longer gaming sessions with less fatigue. The brains behind the operations are the Pixart PMW3310 optical sensor which features a DPI of up to 6,500, has zero hardware acceleration and a 1ms polling rate.
There is no denying that the Rival 300 looks the part, and with the price tag coming in just under 4000, it could be a real contender. Which takes us to the last mouse on the list.

1. Most Popular Mouse.

Razer DeathAdder Elite

| FEATURES: Up-to 16000 DPI, Resolution Accuracy of 99.4%, Mechanical Omron switches, 9 Programmable buttons, Razer Chroma lighting |
Hands down the best mouse you can get under 5000Rs. Many brands have tried to copy the Deathadder design but none of them were able to provide what Razer has done This year’s Elite model adds a new eSports-grade PMW 3389-T3QU optical sensor and features the same right-handed ergonomic design as its predecessor that fit snugly under your hand, all while adding two new buttons beneath the mouse’s scroll wheel to change DPI  on-the-fly. The switches are special graded Omron which is rated for 50 million clicks.
In the end, the super comfortable design combined with extremely accurate sensor makes the DeathAdder Elite one of the best mouse out there.


I included 11 gaming mice in the list which I think is the best in the market. If you willing to buy any of the Gaming mice above please make sure you buy from the affiliate links I have given above (click the price tag). This will give the site a small kickback so I can write more post like this. I do understand that there are other gaming mice which you may prefer over the ones I have chosen if so, do let us know in the comments section.

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