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GTX 1070 TI Release Date

Yup, the GTX 1070Ti is set to release in October last week (Most Probably Oct 26). The GTX 1070Ti has been rumored for months and finally, it has been confirmed. Of course, Nvidia themselves haven’t said word one about the new GPU, despite all the rumors floating around. Jen-Hsun has already said that “Pascal is unbeatable” and that it would be around for the holiday season and the foreseeable future, so it isn’t that surprising to see the green team releasing another current-gen GPU.For more detailed info get back here on GTX 1070 TI Release Date.

Gigabyte’s photo hinted at a possible Halloween launch (October 31) or sometime thereabouts, given the scary nature of its image, which is a play off the movie ‘IT’. In that regard, an October 26 release is at the very least plausible…Guru3D said it confirmed with its industry sources that the card does in fact exist.

GTX 1070Ti Specs, Vega Killer?

The GTX 1070 Ti will be based on the same GP104 silicon as the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 graphics cards. The particular chip, however, brings more resemblance to the GP104-400 GPU found in the faster GTX 1080, featuring 2432 CUDA cores, along with 152 TMUs and 64 ROPs.
The GTX 1070 Ti runs at 1607 MHz base clock, which is identical to that of the GTX 1080. Unfortunately, the boost clock (1683 MHz) is not that high but it’s the same as the GTX 1070. This means the 1070 Ti will be faster than both the RX Vega 64 and RX Vega 56 graphics cards.
In terms of memory, the GTX 1070 Ti will pack the standard 8 Gbps GDDR5 8 GB RAM compared to the 11 Gbps of GDDR5X on GTX 1080. The TDP will be rated at 180W, which is the same as the GTX 1080.

Specification (Rumored)

Price And Availability In India

WCCFTech says the GTX 1070 Ti will come in at MSRP $429, sitting about halfway between the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 , since MSRP is a joke right now the card will probably go for a higher price point. We can expect the GTX 1070Ti to sell around 48K Rs in India.
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Is it worth the Upgrade

So the GTX 1070 TI Release Date is almost confirmed, and now its time to check if it is a worthy upgrade. The GTX 1070Ti will perform 10-15% lower than 1080 for 100$  less. That is actually a steal for gamers if they could get it for that price, they could have just lowered the price of 1080 if they really want to stump on Vega. It’s a new graphics card trying to squeeze into the tiniest gap in the market, with high specs, and a potentially GTX 1080-killing price/performance ratio.
So what you guys think about the GTX 1070 Ti.Is it gonna cannibalize the GTX1070 & 1080 sales?
Share your thoughts in the comment section below and I will reply u ASAP.

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  1. Yeah, you took the words right out of my mouth at the last part)) I'm sharing same opinion that 1070 really just doesn't worth it, not only because of lack of perfomance, but also because of my dilike of NVidia support system at all. Actually, I have a laptop with GTX 960m on it right now and this was a pure disaster till the near times. It can't even updated properly during soft from NVidia's website and this is disgusting - that's all the words I have about it! Right now I'm using this site to Download NVidia video driver for windows http://driverscenter.com/manufacturers/nvidia and it changed the game a lot. Mostly because of its download speed and how easy to install these updates. So I just really cocerned about that you always need a third-party software to work properly with NVidia hardware((


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