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Hello Guys, We all use a computer and sometimes we might be using it daily, either for gaming or for typing.But have you ever wondered what is the difference between a Mechanical Keyboard and Membrane Keyboard?  So this is what we are going to discuss today ‘Mechanical Keyboard Vs Membrane Keyboard’.In this article, we will be going through the advantages, disadvantages of using both Mechanical and Membrane Keyboard.And we will also find out which one is the best for you.So let’s start with the advantages.

Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard

Advantages of using Mechanical Keyboard

  1.  More Stability – Mechanical keyboards are more stable than Membrane keyboards because it is a bit heavier when compared to a Membrane keyboard.
  2. More Lifespan – When we talk about lifespan, Mechanical keyboard tend to last longer than a membrane keyboard.When the lifespan of a mechanical keyboard is about 30-70 million clicks, the lifespan of a membrane keyboard is only 5 Million clicks.
  3. Better Feedback – Mechanical keyboard gives a way better feedback on the keypress when compared to a membrane keyboard.
  4. Availablity of switches – Yes, mechanical keyboards offer a wide verity of switches according to your needs. If you are a gamer then you have switches optimized for gaming. And if you are a typist then you have switches optimized for typing.
  5. Sound – The click sound gives you a confirmation on your key press

Disadvantages of using Mechanical Keyboard

  1. Sound – You might be thinking why this appears both in the advantage and disadvantage section. This is because many people don’t like the click sound but some really consider it as important.
  2. Weight – This is also an advantage as well as disadvantage.It depends on the users using it.
  3. High Price – Mechanical keyboards are expensive than a membrane keyboard. But if you use it properly it will last longer then membrane keyboard.

Membrane Keyboard

Membrane Keyboard

Advantages of using Membrane Keyboard

  1. Less Sound – The sound produced on keypress is less compared to Mechanical Keyboard
  2. Less Weight – The keyboard weight is a bit less when compared to a mechanical keyboard.
  3. Low Price – The price is way less when compared to a mechanical keyboard.

Disadvantages of using Membrane Keyboard

  1. Less Lifespan – These keyboards have way less lifespan.
  2. Not stable – The key press is not that stable. Sometimes our clicks don’t take any action.
  3. No switches available – Here you won’t be having any switches for your needs.
  4. Sound – Sound produced on key press is less.
  5. Weight – Weight is very less making it unstable on the desk.

Which one is best for me?

If you are a Gamer, Typist, Programmer or any person who spends most of the time on a keyboard then I recommend you to choose a mechanical keyboard with suitable switches.
And if you are a photo editor, video editor or an average user, you may not be spending that much time on the keyboard. So you can go for a Membrane keyboard.Which is way less expensive.
Hope this was helpful, Give us a rating down below. And also tell me which keyboard you and why.

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