Best Gaming PC Under 60000 Rs in India | May 2018

Least Expensive Gaming PC USING INTEL Coffee Lake CPU + Dedicated Graphics Card | 2018

So if you want a solid PC with guaranteed smooth gaming experience at 1080p you will have to spend more coins into getting parts like a dedicated graphics card. Don't get me wrong the Ryzen build will give you decent gaming experience for the money but in this build, our main priority is gaming for people with the bit more cash in hand.


    The i3 8100 was released last year but no one could build a PC with the 8100 because there was only Z370 chipset motherboard available at that time which cost above 13k. Lately, the lower end motherboard such as the H310 and B360 have hit the shelves with a much lower price. The i3 8100 has 4 powerful cores clocked at 3.6GHz. The reason I didn't choose this processor in the above build is that it has a weak integrated graphics but in this build, it won't be a problem since we are using a dedicated GPU.

    In a gaming PC, you should spend most of your money towards the Graphics Card. The Card I went with is the Galax GTX 1060 6GB OC. It's an amazing graphics card for 1080p 60FPS gaming. The Galax 1060 has a base clock of 1.5GHz and 1280 Cuda cores which can really help in Video editing and rendering. This card can easily run most of the games at 60FPS in high to ultra quality. This is the best graphics card you can get at this price.

    The motherboard I chose for this build is the MSI H310 Pro-VDH. Its an entry level motherboard with only basic features like USB 3.1 and there are no M.2 or USB 3.1 Gen2. It only supports up to 32GB of ram. overall it's a good quality board from a reputed brand. No SSD in this build, only a Seagate 1TB hard drive because of budget limits. The rest of the parts is same except for ram we choose a single Module of Kingston HyperX 2400Mhz* instead of 2.(*I3 8100 Does not support 2666MHz)

    This PC can run most of the current and upcoming games with 60+FPS without a problem at 1080p. Also, the quad-core Intel CPU will last you long without an upgrade. I would recommend spending on a 240GB SSD if you have the money because it can speed up your computer.

    What are your thoughts on the build? Don’t forget to leave any questions or comments you have about it down below.


    1. I do not want to play games. If I exclude GPU, will it be fine for general use.

      1. You will be fine without the Graphics Card for typical use

    2. You will be fine without the Graphics Card for typical use.

    3. can i replace with msi gaming plua motherboard(8000)and will it work with i3 and i5 and ryzen5-1600